It’s most common to see young adults, or at least teenagers, indulging in ‘glowsticking’ dancing (dancing while waving a glow stick in the air) or wearing glow in the dark necklaces or bracelets on a night out. However, various versions of the glow stick technology are also used in many products for children, who are also enchanted by the bright luminescence of glow sticks.

Now, there are many more options for children’s glow in the dark equipment. One of the most obvious is the possibility of buying multiple-use LED glow sticks, which can be turned on and off, and taken to many different events. So children can celebrate with them on Halloween and Guy Fawkes’ Night, play with them at Christmas, and still have their glow sticks ready to use to see in the New Year!

And if your child likes ordinary glow sticks, and glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets, you can go a step further and get customized glow in the dark torches. These use the same technology as glow pebbles necklaces and bracelets, but come in lots of different exciting shapes for kids to have fun with: from Father Christmas to Pingu. Even keeping kids safe in the dark – whether they’re at an outdoor event, riding their bikes or walking home in the evening – can be fun, with the development of head torches and special glow in the dark shapes which are motion sensitive, and can be stuck to children’s clothes to shine when they move. These also come in lots of fun shapes – one of the most popular is the Lego man! – ensuring that keeping track of your children is fun for them, not a chore for you. If these seem too complicated or fiddly, you can go down the simple route of buying clothing with glow in the dark patterns or figures on for your children. This will make them sand out distinctively in crowds, and with no more fuss than the usual dressing for a night outside.

There’s no reason not to bring that special glow inside. There are a whole range of night lights available which use the same eco-friendly technology, and are great for little ones who might still be a little afraid of the dark. Some of these night lights change colour, for extra fun; some combine alarm clocks with glow in the dark night lights; and some come in the shapes of kids’ favourite characters. All glow in the dark night lights help children to feel safe and secure at night. And it doesn’t stop at conventional night lights: why not get your child some glow in the dark stars? These can be stuck to the ceiling, replicating the real night sky for a natural, soothing form of night light – or one suitable for budding astrological geniuses!

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