In the 90’s when Data Recovery kind services were first starting in order to mature I was working for among the pioneers of the industry, Computer chip Majors. Nick was a guy of unquestionable integrity as well as honesty. So it was no shock that nothing perturbed your pet more at the time than the enormous influx of companies which suddenly “claimed” to be specialists in data recovery. From instances that were sent to us for any 2nd opinion and via our own secret shopper system, where we sent file recovery cases to these so called professionals, it became obvious that there had been a lot of unscrupulous and opportunistic villains infecting the data recuperation business. They made their cash by getting in as many work as they could, charging an assessment fee for each one, after which recovering the 10-15% from the cases that were the easiest (skimming the cream off the best as we referred to it back again then). They would do the situations where no parts and also little intelligence were needed… basically the cases that could very easily be handled by any kind of commercially available recovery software. All those they couldn’t recover have been declared unrecoverable and the customer was told they were from luck.

So it was made the decision that we had a obligation to save the world’s information from all these crooks and create some money off it simultaneously. With huge fanfare along with press releases, we announced our own FREE-FIX program. Basically, we might recover people’s data free of charge IF it was a simple issue that we could resolve within 15 minutes or less. This could include logical problems with the actual file system, deleted documents, formatted drives and pcb problems for common drives there were in stock. The program had been intended for consumer users in addition to was available on single hard disk drives with Windows or MAC PC data only. If we were being successful, the client only covered the return shipping and also the media to put the data upon. If the case was not entitled to FREE-FIX, we would provide the consumer with a no obligation quotation for further damaged partition recovery.

All of us thought if we took benefit road and did the simple stuff for free, we would eliminate this growing segment associated with con artists as they would not have the ability to survive without the easy careers. And of course we also wished that many of the ineligible circumstances would be approved for escalation into more desirable costly jobs. We really felt that people would gain such a great reputation from this program it would pay us backside a thousand times.

Ended up we wrong!!!! Yes the majority of the owners of the cases that will qualified for FREE-FIX cherished us. But the other 85% of the people were absolutely very angry at us. We were suddenly swamped with irate clients attempting to rip a strip from us. Those that we attempted to “up-sell” because theirs’ had not been a simple/free recovery, mostly declined as they felt i was using bait and change tactics. Even some of the one hundred or so people who qualified with regard to FREE-FIX every month thought we have to be making money off the come back media and the shipping.

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